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With the support of The Allstate Foundation, The Imagine Neighborhood™ is proud to offer our limited series 

Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right

Focused on helping young people recognize prejudice and injustice, the stories in the Imagine Equity series

give listeners tools to take pride in their own identities, celebrate diversity, and stand up against discrimination.

The Allstate Foundation and all of us here at The Imagine Neighborhood are proud of this opportunity to help families like yours

continue to create a kinder, more inclusive future for neighborhoods (and classrooms) everywhere.

Click HERE for some additional resources on talking with your family about racism.

doc apoc has a beef - PT 1

Burger 2 (002).jpg

A new restaurant called Big Bot Burger opens in the Neighborhood. And they have a company rule to not serve food to people from the Wasteland. Being a Wastelander is part of Doc Apocalypso’s identity—and not letting someone do something because of their identity is a super-wrong type of unfairness called discrimination. When rules discriminate, that’s called injustice. And those kinds of rules need to change.


Doc and Scotty set out to make things right and get some justice. Doc uses her music and her voice to start a peaceful protest that closes the restaurant . . . but that doesn’t put an end to the injustice. Big Bot has locations everywhere, and it’s up to our heroes to stop them. TO BE CONTINUED!

(Doc Apoc Has A Beef illustration by Steven Hendrxx)

Raising the Steaks: 

doc apoc has a beef - PT 2

When we last left our heroes, Scotty and Doc were on a mission to stop discrimination at Big Bot Burger. This time, they enlist the help of everyone in the Neighborhood to get some justice!

But the injustice is growing: when customers don’t pay attention to the discrimination at Big Bot, it grows more and more burger restaurants. It’s going to take the whole Neighborhood team using their voices, their friendships, their art, and their wisdom to make things right.


PLAY final sanika.jpg

Macho Supreme and Count Vacula are using their imaginations to turn a cardboard box into the spaceship from their favorite movie, Nebula Trek! But every time Vac tries to jump in and help Macho save the galaxy, Macho won’t let him play. Macho thinks that Vac can’t play as his favorite characters from Nebula Trek—because in the movie, those characters are white, and Vac is Asian.


Macho learns that excluding someone is not okay: it makes the game less fun, it makes the story less interesting . . . and worst of all, people’s feelings are hurt. Instead, the kind thing to do is to use your imagination to make room in the story for everyone. Make it okay for everyone to play!

(Anyone Can Play illustration by Sanika Phawde)

the princess quest


Princess Donnasaurus wanders out of The Imagine Neighborhood™ and into the neighborhood of Princess Tia from the Stoopkid Stories podcast! Together, they embark on a quest to open an enchanted backpack and defeat the evil identity-stealing Erazor.


Along the way, Princess Tia and Princess Donnasaurus meet Princess Slime Monster, Princess DottyPotty, and Mister Princess. And they learn that a true princess is kind, brave, and proud of who they are—and takes care of their neighborhood. All princesses have that in common, but they also each have their own identity. Your identity is made up of all the things about you that make you who you are, and it’s special to you; no Erazor can ever take it away.

(The Princess Quest illustration by Andi Santagata)



While Cap’n Marion is off at the dentist, Scotty and Vac are pirate-sitting. Everything is shipshape... Until the Burn Voyage is attacked! The troublesome Captain Deen takes over the ship, and makes fun of everyone’s special packed lunches!


But the pirates’ foods are important to their ethnicities, which is a part of who they are. Vac decides to make things right, and mutiny turns into a food fight! It takes a giant, delicious mess to teach Captain Deen that everyone’s ethnicity is special—and that the strongest pirate crew is a diverse one.

(Food Fight illustration by Book Karnjanakit)

Blizzards and Wizards

blzzard wizard artwork (002).jpg

Young wizard Preston Changeo (played by special guest star Tom Lenk) arrives to be mentored by Alakazambra . . . and is upset to learn that Alakazambra and her old nemesis Count Vacula are now pals.


Preston doesn’t think that wizards and monsters are allowed to be friends. But when he accidentally summons a messy rainbow sherbet monster, everyone has to work together to solve the problem. It turns out that having friends and neighbors with all kinds of different identities is not only fun, it helps you learn new skills and be a better friend. 

(Blizzards and Wizards illustration by Steven Hendrxx)

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