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JOIN THE IMAGINATION CONVERSATION: The Disappointment of Mannrick Allen

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Grab this printable PDF with discussion topics and creative inspirations from the episode "The Disappointment of Mannrick Allen"

(original airdate 10/11/2021)

Continue The Conversation MANNRICK ALLEN
Download PDF • 263KB

This week, Macho Supreme and Count Vacula are headed to the annual Nebula Trek convention, and they're super excited to meet their second-favorite actor, Mannrick Allen, and get his autograph! But it seems Mr. Allen isn't very happy to meet them - or anyone! - and he’s ruining the whole convention with his bad attitude. Can Vac and Macho help Mr. Allen find some positives to focus on, or will their own disappointment get the better of them?...

Join us for Nirshese pepper-crabs, amazing burritos, and an udderly ridiculous amount of cow-themed puns in this episode of The Imagine Neighborhood!


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