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Remote Learning with The Imagine Neighborhood

We're hearing from more and more teachers that are using the Imagine Neighborhood for remote learning. So for all you amazing teachers out there, we put together a little letter you can send home to your families to learn more about The Imagine Neighborhood, and how it supports the lessons in Second Step.

The letter is available here, for you to download.

ImagineNeighborhood for TeachersSendHome
Download • 37KB

The Imagine Neighborhood promotes emotional intelligence with wacky stories that help kids and their grown-ups talk about big feelings. Starting a new school year in a rapidly changing COVID world can be overwhelming, and the show’s first episode of the season, “Blame it on Blurghsday”, is all about coping with the unexpected.

Each episode addresses lessons from the Second Step curriculum, and teaches skills and tips to manage feelings and help your child grow kinder. The episodes are grouped to align with the Second Step curriculum, matching up with units on growth mindset, feelings, empathy, and problem-solving.

Here’s a quick overview of some favorite episodes from last season, and upcoming episodes from Season 2:

Episodes later in the season will also cover diversity and equity, grief and loss, and identifying complex feelings.

This season, each episode will also include discussion questions and activity ideas to reinforce lessons from the episode with your family. You’ll get to keep the fun and learning going with conversation prompts, reviews of the show’s handy catch phrases, and even a chance to draw the characters and write your own stories!

Even when earnestly covering heavy topics, the Imagine Neighborhood keeps the tone light-hearted. You can enjoy the show as an extension of the curriculum, or listen to it as a fun family activity all on its own.

New episodes of The Imagine Neighborhood, as well as the entire first season of the podcast, are available on the show’s website. Or if you prefer, you can listen or subscribe through Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app, like Stitcher or Pocket Casts.

Happy listening, and happy Blurghsday!



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