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The Imagine Neighborhood podcast helps children and grown-ups come together to build social-emotional skills

“How were you kind today?” is the question at the end of every episode of The Imagine Neighborhood—an award-winning, social-emotional learning scripted podcast for children aged 4-10 and their families.  


Featuring diverse, engaging characters and exciting adventures in a story-based format that’s entertaining to both kids and adults, the show provides evidence-based SEL tools to help parents and children work together to identify and manage big emotions, celebrate their identity, develop self-esteem, self-awareness and social awareness, build healthy relationships, and make good decisions.


Backed by expert research from global SEL leader Committee for Children, The Imagine Neighborhood is designed for families to listen to together—helping parents and kids talk about the things that matter with the people that matter most.


What is social-emotional learning?

You may have heard of social-emotional learning, or SEL, in the same context with emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and 'people skills.' And we all know that these are important. 

No one gives a toddler a book and expects them to immediately know how to read. It's a skill that’s taught. The same is true with social and emotional skills like sharing, making friends, or empathizing with someone else’s feelings. 


SEL is a way to build up those skills and learn how to manage big emotions, build relationships and empathy, and solve problems.


These are just a few of the social-emotional skills that can help kids and grown-ups communicate better, manage their conflicts, and solve problems together. 

How does the show work? 

In The Imagine Neighborhood, we use stories, music, and discussion to help kids and grown-ups talk about big feelings and solve problems together.


Do I need to listen with my child? 

We love it when grown-ups listen with their children and talk together about the stories in the show. But we also understand that it might be hard to find time. You can sign up for our mailing list here and with each episode you’ll get a description of each show, the topics covered, and some conversation-starting questions to get the ball rolling.

The Imagine Neighborhood is based on the award-winning SEL curriculum, Second Step. Created by Committee for Children, Second Step reaches more than 15 million kids around the world every year. 


About Committee for Children

Since 1979, Committee for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit best known for our innovative social-emotional learning curriculum, Second Step. Our programs blend research and rigor with intuitive design, empowering children with skills to help them realize their goals in the classroom and throughout their lives. Reaching more than 15 million children each year, Committee for Children supports children today so they’ll be able to create a safe and positive society for the future.

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