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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Grab this printable PDF with discussion topics and creative inspirations from the episode "Macho's Shot"

(original airdate 11/08/2021)

MACHOS SHOT_Imagination Conversation
Download PDF • 391KB

We’ve been hearing that some of our listeners are feeling worried about going to the doctor to get their vaccine, and if you’re feeling that way too, we hope you’ll give “Macho’s Shot” a listen. It’s got spaceships, songs, and lots of surprises—but most of all, it will teach you some cool tricks to make going to the doctor a lot less stressful!

In this episode, Scotty is headed to the doctor to get the Merman Measles shot, to keep him from getting sick. But it looks like he might miss his appointment, because before he can even get to the doctor’s office, Macho Supreme yoinks Scotty off in his spaceship! Macho’s heard some scary stories from his friends about Scotty’s new doctor, and he’s determined to keep Scotty safe. Tune in to find out if Scotty is or is NOT throwin’ away his shot!


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