Updated: Feb 17

Grab this printable PDF with discussion topics and creative inspirations from the episode "The Sound Machine"

(original airdate 11/15/2021)

THE SOUND MACHINE_Imagination Conversation
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Since we’re a podcast, we need sounds to tell our stories. And all of the sounds in the Neighborhood are created by our beloved Mister Music Man Lindsay Jones on his magical Sound Machine. But evil billionaire hamster Tantrumus Maximus thinks that if he can take over the Sound Machine, he can take over the Neighborhood—and he just might be right!

One thing’s for sure: When cats moo and ducks bark and Tantrumus starts talking about his feelings (gasp!), you know things are getting pretty bananapants around here. Enjoy accidental bagpipes, runaway rhinos, disco duets, and learning ways to use sound to express ourselves on this episode of The Imagine Neighborhood™!