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JOIN THE IMAGINATION CONVERSATION: The Ptwanger Part Two: Fartnado's Revenge

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Grab this printable PDF with discussion topics and creative inspirations from the episode "The Ptwanger Part Two: Fartnado's Revenge"

(original airdate 2/21/2022)

FARTNADO_Imagination Conversation
Download PDF • 405KB

In Part Two of our putrid parable about problem-solving, we rejoin Scotty, Princess Donnasaurus, and Pete Twanger in the middle of dealing with the myriad magical messes Pete has created—plus there's a fart tornado that’s still headed right for the Neighborhood!

With so many things going wrong, it’s going to take every problem-solving approach that PD and Scotty know to get the Neighborhood sorted out and make sure everyone’s safe inside before the fart tornado hits. So join us for cardio conundrums, mole sauce (made by actual moles), and finally finding a problem that Pete’s ptwanger can solve in our second stormy story installment!


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