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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Scotty here from The Imagine Neighborhood.

It’s been a busy week in The Imagine Neighborhood, but then again, I’d guess it’s been a busy week in your neighborhood, too. Conversations about racial inequality or violence might be a little difficult to get started, but they are incredibly important to have. We’re putting together some extra materials this week—including a chat with researcher Dr. Jasmine, PhD—to provide some support in talking with your children about the murder of George Floyd and the protests that have followed.

The Imagine Neighborhood is a place where everyone is welcome no matter what they look like, and we want to help make your neighborhood that way, too. The first step always begins at home and we hope you find these resources useful. If you have questions for us, or ideas on ways we can discuss these issues in the show, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

This week, we’re wrapping up by talking about all of the skills we’ve practiced and discussed in The Imagine Neighborhood. Count Vacula and I are going to need our wits about us when we encounter Tantrumus Maximus, an evil hamster who is determined to cause as many tantrums as possible. Even though he throws every possible frustration, disappointment, and confusion our way, our problem-solving skills will prevail!

Thank you again to everyone who has followed along with our Daily Adventures! While we’re taking some time off this summer, you can always go to to see our full list of episodes, activities, and resources. And even though it’ll be a little while until we’re back with a full episode, I’ll be checking in with our favorite characters to see what they’re up to throughout the summer!

If you had a lot of fun doing one of the activities or you’ve created your own drawing of one of The Imagine Neighborhood characters, send it in to be shared on our Infinite Refrigerator! And follow along on our Instagram page to see what other listeners send in, too.

We’re discussing many Second Step skills this week, including calming down and saying the problem, making amends, if–then plans, and perspective-taking.

Monday: The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast

This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Count Vacula and I stumble right into Tantrumus Maximus’s evil plan: a twisted carnival specially designed to be as frustrating as possible! When the carnival starts to get the better of me, Vac finds a way to save the day and rescue The Imagine Neighborhood! But in order for us to succeed, we really need all of our best problem-solving skills: calming down, making amends, making if–then plans, and practicing Switcheroo to see someone else’s perspective.

Listen to The Imagine Neighborhood podcast here.

Tuesday: Dr. Sherri’s Emotion Experiments

On Tuesday, Dr. Sherri, P!H!D!, has one more Emotion Experiment to help wrap up all of the skills and ideas we’ve been practicing. This week, we’re making a Solve-o-matic 3000, an amazing invention to help keep all of those helpful problem-solving skills in your pocket! We’ve provided a template for printing your Solve-o-matic 3000 at home, or you can make your own using paper, pens, and scissors! You can also watch this video for step-by-step instructions. When kids find themselves feeling frustrated, needing help in a conflict, or not sure what to do with big, overwhelming feelings, the Solve-o-matic 3000 can help them find a solution in the moment. And don’t worry: there are no wrong answers and you can redo the activity until you find a solution that works.

If you’ve done an Emotion Experiment at home and practiced something new, feel free to share it with us! We’d love to see how you’ve been practicing skills and being an emotion scientist at home.

Imagine Neighborhood Activity 6
Download PDF • 435KB

Wednesday: Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones

On Wednesday, Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back to explore social-emotional learning and music! Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones joins me to talk about putting lots of ideas together to create something new. We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners! Last week, we asked listeners to send in silly words they can say to themselves when they’re told no. Lindsay Jones’s favorite word is “Sacramento!” And even though Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones will be away on summer vacation for a bit, we’d still love to hear your responses to the episode and see what cool pictures you draw!

Listen to this week’s episode with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones here.

Thursday: I Like to Move It, Move It!

On Thursday, we have another video to help kids practice skills and get the wiggles out. This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Count Vacula and I used all of our problem-solving skills to foil Tantrumus Maximus’s evil plans, and I think that calls for a little celebration! Our friends at GoNoodle have an entire page dedicated to moving with good energy.

Check out some cool new dance moves and videos throughout the entire Good Energy page, or you can follow along with our favorite video here.

Some questions for kids after the activity:

1. Do you think it’s easy or hard to find a movement that matches your feeling?

2. What’s your favorite dance move for when you’re celebrating something really exciting?

Friday: Mind Yeti® Mindfulness Practice

On Friday, we’re back to practice calming our minds and bodies with Mind Yeti. This week, we’re practicing gratitude: focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. Even when things feel big, scary, or overwhelming, it’s always a good idea to pause, breathe, and take stock of the things we often take for granted. As always, I’m grateful for you: our amazing listeners!

Follow along with a mindfulness session called “Hello Gratitude” here.

Some questions for kids after the Mind Yeti session:

1. How did it feel to practice gratitude?

2. What’s one thing you’re grateful for that surprised you?

Thank you for joining us and for following along with The Imagine Neighborhood. Even though our Daily Adventures will be paused for a bit, please continue to check back for new episodes, resources, and conversations with favorite characters. We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks to let you know when new episodes are arriving, as well as share some cool chances to interact with the show. And we’ll be back later in the summer with Season 2 of The Imagine Neighborhood!

Have a wonderful summer, and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, happy, healthy, and kind.



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