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Macho Needs an Oven

Updated: Sep 23, 2022


Scotty here from The Imagine Neighborhood. This week, we’re talking about how to ask for what you want and need (respectfully, of course) ‒ and how to accept when the answer is no. When there’s something you want, like more mashed potatoes, a turn on the swings, or tuba lessons, it’s great to ask. Sometimes asking can be hard, especially if you’re really focused on that thing you want. Macho Supreme and I talk about how to ask respectfully and how to deal with disappointment if the answer is no.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been following along with our Daily Adventures! We’ve loved hearing your feedback and comments: whether it’s an Emotion Experiment with Dr. Sherri, song lyrics with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, or a nice, relaxing Mind Yeti session. If you had a lot of fun doing one of the activities or you’ve created your own drawing of one of The Imagine Neighborhood characters, send it in to be shared on our Infinite Refrigerator! And follow along on our Instagram page to see what other listeners send in, too!

The Second Step® skill we’ll be reinforcing this week is asking respectfully for what you want or need.

Monday: The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast

This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty and Macho Supreme need to find a solution to their problem: Macho needs an extra oven to bake a humongous batch of cookies for Nana Supreme’s birthday. But Scotty needs the oven in his house because … well, because it's his oven. When Macho comes over and rips the oven out of the wall, they talk about different ways to ask for the things you want and what happens when you don’t get them. Macho finds a great way to ask, complete with macho poses, and even discovers how to feel better if he’s disappointed by the answer!

Listen to The Imagine Neighborhood podcast here.

Tuesday: Dr. Sherri’s Emotion Experiments

On Tuesday, we’re back with Dr. Sherri, P!H!D! and another Emotion Experiment! This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty and Macho Supreme practice asking for what they want: they take a deep breath and ask in a calm, respectful voice. In your own Emotion Experiment, you’ll get to practice too, using your trusty sock puppets to test out some options! Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don't. It’s totally okay to feel bummed out if the answer is no, but there’s always a good way to handle that feeling. Grown-ups can send in sock puppet videos to be featured on The Imagine Neighborhood’s Infinite Refrigerator!

Download Dr. Sherri’s Emotion Experiment for the week Here

Imagine Neighborhood Activity 5
Download PDF • 386KB


Wednesday: Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones

Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back on Wednesday to explore both music and social-emotional learning! He and Scotty have a great conversation and jam session to learn all about how to ask for what you want – through music! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners! Each week on Music Man Jones, we put a question out to our listeners and read through some of the responses. Tune in to hear how your idea can be featured on the show!

Listen to this week’s episode with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones here.

Thursday: I Like to Move It, Move It!

On Thursdays, we have another video to help kids practice skills and get the wiggles out. In The Imagine Neighborhood, Macho Supreme struck a macho pose each time he practiced asking for something new. Our friends from GoNoodle have a silly video to help you start movin’ and keep flexin’.

Follow along with this new song and some macho dance moves from GoNoodle here.

Some questions for kids after the activity:

1. What’s your favorite macho flex pose?

2. How does it feel to move like Macho Supreme?

Friday: Mind Yeti® Mindfulness Practice

On Fridays, we take stock of the week and practice calming our minds and bodies with Mind Yeti. Since the theme of this week is asking respectfully for what you want or need, we’re going to work on staying grounded and focusing attention.

Follow along with “The Tree in the City” mindfulness session here.

Some questions for kids after the Mind Yeti session:

1. How did it feel to move your body? Was it easy to stay focused or were there more distractions?

2. Could you imagine yourself as a tall, strong tree? How did it feel to be rooted in the ground?

Thanks so much for all that you do! We hope you have a great week, and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, happy, healthy, and kind.


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